Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Global Feeling

When everybody keep a look-out for the other people and everybody try to smile whether or no, this is which can be make fascinating reality from a little idea which only passes over in your mind. Everybody has characteristics to be loved.

I feel lucky that I got the chance to be part of such a great unity. Each of you and we together are the strongest community I have joined ever, that makes me believe that love is the only solution. Roots music pushing up for feeling free, happy... eternal. This its a comunity. The camp was the longest and the best party I have ever been to with amazing UNITY and incredibly fantastic PEOPLE, just loved every single moment and miss everyone. But through music we decrease distance and expand horizons. The time we spent together was one of the times in my life when I experienced the total mental freedom and happyness; Pura Vida.

Before i arrived to Hungary, the camp for me, was to meet people from around Europe, relax and enjoy the music. It turned out to be so much more than that. The World is Open if You can live with your heart. Don't worry! Lot of good people live in the world and you'll find them just Open your eyes. Keep on being as an always blossoming flower to be open for giving and receiving.

The most important thing I recognised is the perfectly positive energy that was glowing from every boys and girls, constantly. Now we are stronger because we recived all theese powerful energies. I enjoyed being with all those great people and I do hope we will meet again soon. The whole period of stay we spent together was incredible, like a collective spiritual initiation.

I will always remember Djemebe Camp in Hungary 2009.

We all.

P.D.: And next year IT'S COMInG... Hope to see you all soon anywhere. Tusz eine barátom!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Organization Meeting

Hey! people of the sun!!
Such a nice meeting we had in Szeged last week.. Warming up hands and hearts for the time we're gonna share there.

You can see the photos of the weekend by clicking here.

Get ready rythm lovers. Prepare your djembes. And remember: do not swim in the Tissa river and do not lose your boarding tickets, boarding tickets boarding tickets.

curucuCá curucuCá curucuCáCaCaCúm
Trá taca ta taca tacatá. Cum.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Noise comming.....

I'm Pablo Marro and I will manage the blog from Spain. You can send me anything you wanna say, show or ask to

You can see on the left a list of the members in which I'm the only one yet. If you click on the photo you can see some information about me. We can do a big list of all the members if you send me a photograph of you, your e-mail, nationality and some link of a web showing the live around you so that we will arrive to Hungary knowing already somthing of us; I will upload it to the blog.

Waiting for your signs....